So our video that shows the simplier tricks that build up the progressions until the Back Mobe has been really popular so we thought we would make them into a series. One of our facebook fans put in a request for an F-16 so thats whats up next!

Although an awesome jet plane namesake, it doesn’t really describe what the trick is all about.  Trick Progression videos are all about making it easier to understand and subsequently learn, by breaking down the elements that make it up:

  • Step 1: An unhooked, powered back roll
  • Step 2: An unhooked, powered kiteloop
  • Step 3: An unhooked, powered back roll with a kiteloop

Of course this is just the fundementals, like any trick a rider can add his own style to give it a unique twist and with something like the F16 it generally comes down to how high you go and how fast you rocket downwind!

Check out the video to see the steps in action:

[youtube: 670 407]

If you want to learn your first unhooked kiteloops then check our Progression Kiteboarding Advanced DVD. The next Trick Progression is already underway and this time it’s for those who are just getting into jumping… watch this space!