Over the past 5 years we’ve created a lot of short videos to inform, educate and inspire kite surfers and its become a hugely popular part of our Progression YouTube channel.  So as the season starts for many of you around the world, we though we’d highlight some of our most popular videos for each skill level.

We’ve reviewed the beginners & intermediates,  now for all the advanced riders…

S-bend – Top Tips

There are several fundamental building blocks for those of you wanting to unhook and try a more powered style of kiteboarding. The S-bend is one of those core tricks which flows with equal helpings of style and aggression. Here we offer 5 tips to get you started.

Surface Pass – Top Tips

If you want to unhook then at some point you are gonna think about trying to passing the bar and your first Progression is best achieve whilst still on the water! The surface pass allows you to gain some experience of the different body positions that will come when you start landing to blind or wrapped and then ultimate passing the bar in the air. Get started with these few tips before checking out the bumper Introduction to Handle Passes video in our Advanced Collection/DVD.


Riding Blind – Kitesurfing Top Tips

This is a hooked-in technique that takes some practice and will have you crashing in a range of weird and wonder ways but it feel so good when you get nailed. Hopefully these 5 tips will get you there a little quicker!


Popping (Unhooked) – Top Tips

The starting point for anyone wanting to learn to ride unhooked – the simple pop! Its harder than it looks but only it you haven’t got the basic technique understood and drilled into your subconscious. Once gain a few tips can make all the difference.


The advanced range of tricks can be split between hooked and unhooked styles both of which we covered in our Advanced Collection, over 2 hours of in-depth instruction available through the Progression Player App as either a collection or as individual videos, or order the DVD from our online store or any good kitesurfing store.