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The fastest and most flexible way to advance your kitesurf skills

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Virtual Coaching - Laptop with Synced Video

"By sending me a video recording of the trick you are trying to learn, I am able to slow down, zoom in and get really close to the smallest of details to help progress your skills. This new way of coaching is so flexible, it allows me to coach you at any time and from anywhere in the world. "

Rob Claisse

Progression Co-Founder and CEO

How does it work?

Film Yourself

Get some clips and send them over

Coach Analysis

Rob reviews your footage and finds your mistakes

Zoom Review

Join Rob on a Zoom call for a 30 minute 1 to 1 coaching session. You will understand and see exactly where you are going wrong and learn how to fix it

Session Plan

Get a detailed list of goals and drills for you to work on in your own time. Book another session when you want to review again

"When I first approached Rob about virtual coaching, I had no idea just how much he would improve my foiling. His virtual coaching is unparalleled. In my opinion, there is no greater value for your time and money"


Florida, USA

How do I film myself?

Birds Eye View - GoPro Line Mount

Strap a GoPro to your lines and ride for 20 minutes to get a few shots of the trick you are wanted to improve. This angle is great for spotting a whole range of important stance and bar mistakes.

Find a Friend - iPhone

Get a friend to shoot you from the beach on a smartphone. This angle is important when we need to see your kite movement, through a trick. This angle is particularly useful for reviewing gybes and tacks.

Keep it Short - Edit your footage

We only need a few short clips to get started. Send me just 4-5 clips of 10-15 seconds in length.  Include just: 1. the entry, 2. the trick and 3. around 5 seconds of the exist.


What's in my Video Review?

We arrange a zoom call that fits around your schedule. This is a 30 or 60 minute call depending on how much we have to review. We will watch through your footage together, discuss your mistakes and work out what you need to do to fix them. You then work on your new drills in your own time and come back for more virtual coaching whenever you think you need a review, or want ideas for what to learn next.

You vs Me - Splitscreen Highlights

Using Progression’s huge library of ‘correct technique’ footage, we can sync up with your film, slow them down, zoom in and see exactly what you are doing wrong.

Seeing the right and wrong way next to each other is the greatest feedback and most eye opening.

Realtime Annotation Feedback

By using Realtime Annotation, Rob will clearly highlight where you are going wrong. From your body position, kite movement and board direction, you will get the fastest and most detailed feedback, guaranteed to speed up your understanding and clearly see how you can correct your mistakes.

What to Learn Next? - Goal Setting

This method works best  when focusing on one trick per session. But Rob will  help you to build a full range of short term and long term goals to keep you achieving new skills and motivation for every water session.

Remember, Remember - Session Plans

After your coaching session you will get a written overview and session plan of what you need to work on the next time you go out on the water. Alongside this you will have access to exclusive Progression content with drills and tricks to help you progress faster in your own time.


You can pay for each session individually or buy a discounted pack of credits to use over multiple sessions. A 30 minute session is perfect for working on a single trick, or 60 minutes for multiple or complicated tricks. Don't worry, if you are unsure how long you need, get in touch and chat with Rob to guide you.

30 Mins Zoom Call
(or 2 credits)
60 Mins Zoom Call
(or 3 credits)

Bulk Discount Packages

We offer great discounts if you commit to multiple sessions. For this, we sell blocks of credit that you can redeem for sessions. Credits are purchased in GBP (multi-currency coming soon). A 30 minute video call is equivalent to 2 credits and each additional 30 minutes costs a further 1 credit.

Additional Credit

Extra Call Time

10 Credits

10% Discount

Normally £300

20 Credits

20% Discount

Normally £600

  1. If your session runs over 30 minutes, or you want more time on a call,  each extra 30 mins is 1 credit extra (£30).
  2. Costs are based on you delivering films in the right format to save editing time this end.  However, Rob is also happy to help on formatting. Just touch base and Rob will discuss and we extra time and costs to get you up and running.
  3. Pack of 10 Credits – To be used within 3 months of your first session.
  4. Pack of 20 Credits – To be used within 6 months of first session.


From a one off session to solve a specific trick to a longer term progression program, Virtual coaching will get you learning your skills fast

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