Carrying on from our last competition to win an intermediate lesson with Jo Wilson, we’ve now teamed up with Christian Harris & Karine Nativel to offer two 3 hour beginner coaching sessions. Not only that, if you’re the lucky first name pulled from the Fat Sand hat, you’ll also receive a box set of DVD’s and Progression T-shirt. Win a lesson with Christian & Karine

If you know someone that’s keen to get into the sport, this is a perfect opportunity to persuade your partner / boss / mate to give it a go, after all it’s free to enter!! Check out the competition here: 

Christian Harris and Karine Nativel are Cabrinha UK’s coaching team whose reputation as international kitesurfing gurus has been growing rapidly over the past four years since they began running intermediate and advanced clinics.

Together they mix a heady blend of considerable coaching, teaching and training experience with a phenomenal knowledge of all things kitesurfing, their obvious different male/female outlook and understanding, a formidable Anglo-Franco alliance, and a hefty dose of fun, to offer their guests at various windy spots around the globe a truly unique style of coaching. 

For more info, check out their website: