Many people new to kitesurfing are hungry for information and inspiration, and the internet has given niche sports like kitesurfing a way to allow us all to share news, product info, help and anything else you can think of  but so many people just don’t know where to look! So over the next week we’ll be highlight a few of the website that the Progression team visit to get our kiting fix online.

hanglosnetToday we’ll start with the one stop shop for all your kiting news –

For a longtime Hanglos has been a Dutch only site (and more recently also French) but has built a huge following. Now I can’t speak a word of dutch but it was still my daily destination for getting a snapshot of all the kitesurfing news, for the past few years. Thankfully a month ago they launched an International version, now in english with more features and for me its a must stop several times a day to see all the latest kitesurfing news.

Now where as many of the kite related news sites simply aggregate product press releases, new videos etc etc, re-hashing the same information, Hanglos are starting to add more and more of their own editorial opinions to their new posts, and linking back to the original story/article etc.  They also have a big community so most news items get a flurry of comments from the readers and the discussions continue on & on.

Keep up the good work guys and continue to expand on the original content and editorial pieces/introductions.

What do you think are the best sites for general kitesurfing news? Add your suggestions in the comments below…

Next up – the best of the kite forums…