When we get comments like this why did we bother re-making our beginner dvd??

Well, we thought it had begun to look a little bit dated, and after spending the last 6 years building Fat Sand as a professional production company we also wanted our flagship DVD to reflect our growing filming and editing expertise. The DVD has been completely re-shot with clearer, high quality, high definition footage taken from many more angles. The filming and editing style still bear all the much loved progression trademarks; detailed technique breakdown, common problem analysis, split screens, slow motion repeats and graphic overlays – all proven at aiding faster development.

So did we change any of the content?

Yes. It now features all the new kit available on the market and also is much more focused around the specific needs of beginners in those critical first stages of development. Rather than squeezing a fast progression to jumps and carves within the 2.5hrs running time, we have included a greater depth of coverage and analysis of those key beginner stumbling blocks such as water starts and up wind riding. We see so many people getting frustrated and rushing through these vital stages, leaving holes in their knowledge which hold them back later down the line. We wanted to offer a complete learning resource that could support beginners at every step of their progression and get them up and riding as quickly and as safely as possible.

You get a whole lot of instructional content for your dollar, so much so we could barely fit in on the DVD! It contains nearly 3 hours of content, with chapters on equipment & terminology, kite setup, launching & landing, water re-launch and self rescue, body dragging, water starts and first runs, staying up wind and sliding turns.

If you’re new to kiting or know someone who wants to give it a go then this brand new DVD offers a complete learning resource.

The DVD is available to buy from the 1st Sept from all good kite shops worldwide, or you can pre-order it direct from us by visiting our online store.