The guys at New Wave Kiteboarding have filmed a great video at the BVI kite jam with loads of Pro riders top tips:

Here’s a quick summary of the tips mentioned:

  • Shannon Best – Check your hands are in middle of bar during tricks
  • Susi Mai – Training to build up muscles to prevent injury
  • Kristin Boese – Trick progressions, start with the less advanced tricks and work up to harder parts
  • Sander Lenten – Ensure you kite is tuned correctly
  • Youri Zoon – Don’t give up, keep trying, watch videos of others doing the tricks you want to learn
  • Madison Van Heurck – Safety…don’t walk up wind of kites in high winds
  • Tommy Fields – Ride switch – learn your tricks both ways
  • Pete Cabrinha – Riding waves – use a smallest kite you can and medium sized board
  • Andreas – Use a trampoline to practice flips and spins
  • Bruno – Trick Progressions, talks through the steps up to a Blind judge

There are some great points there and many are echoed in the Progression series of dvds and online content.  One in particular we found interesting was the tip from Sander Lenten on tuning your kit.  In our newest release – Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 – we have a full length chapter all about tuning.  It is the first time we have covered this topic in detail and  have had great feedback from our customers on its value alongside more trick based instruction.  Here is a short clip that gives you a taster for our tuning content:

[youtube: 670 407]


Tuning is about getting the most out of your kit and ensuring nothing holds you back from your best ride possible. It may seem a pain to spend 10 minutes more on the beach instead of the water but it could make the difference between an awesome session and a frustrating one!