Tech Tips from Cabrinha – Cabrinha Kiteboarding 2009 Season

Nice to see that Manufacters are offering customers more than just a paper manual to help to setup their equipment. For so many kitesurfers, they use there kitesurfing kit exact as it comes out of the bag, and even then they can get confused as to how to set things up and tune it correctly. And getting your kit setup correct is a key part of being a better kitesurfer and feeling more confident on the water. Definitely lots of room for manufactures to offer their customers more support and online video is the obvious route.

Good job from Cabrinha and hopefully they’ll continue to add more videos for other kites and boards.

Here’s their video for fitting and adjusting their new straps – something which may seem obvious to some but proves tricky for many people new the sport.

(We had to remove the embedded video as it keep playing automatically and annoying us all! Click here to see it)