Cover-Box-Shadow-PKBIV1-MedWe gave you a quick teaser of the next DVD in the Progression Series, Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1, when we got back from our last filming trip to Egypt. In that time we’ve been re-working the script as we review and analysis the footage for some of the more complex technical sections of the DVD and it hasn’t been as straight forward as we first thought.

Half the DVD will follow the standard Progression Method – First Run Through, Key Elements & Common Mistakes, but some of the insight we want to in part can be very technical and confusing if not explain in the correct manner – things like kite dynamics, apparent wind and kite tuning. These and other aspects are the kind of things you pick up over time from an experienced kiter, and are best explained face to face, as and when you come across the need to understand them. But for many access to this level of experience is not readily available or worst still you may not realise the question needs to be asked!

So though we hoped to have the new dvd available for Christmas, we didn’t feel that the we could if we wanted to offer the level of instructional expected, in a clear and easily understandable manner. So anyone looking to master carving turns, toeside riding, jumping, lightwind riding, Strong Wind riding, understanding riding in waves, chop, tide & current along with tuning of your kite, lines, bar and board, we’ll you’ll just have to wait until January 2010. Sorry but it will be worth the wait.

Also to clear up a little bit of confusion – this new Intermediate Volume 1 DVD is not a replacement for the current Intermediate DVD. It sits perfectly between the New Beginner 2nd Edition and the current Intermediate, which will later be re-branded Intermediate Volume 2 – so there is no reason to hold off buying either of these DVDs in time for Christmas ;-)