Continuing our exploration into understanding some of the most iconic wakestyle tricks, today we have a Trick Progression for the KGB.

This is probably one of the tricks that confuse the layman kitesurfer the most as the name has no relevance to what is actually happening!

And even once you realise there is a back roll in there somewhere, it can still get your head aching trying to visualise it.

So heres the Progression…

  • 1st Progression: Unhooked Powered Back Roll
  • 2nd Progression: Unhooked Powered Back Roll with a backside 180 (landing to blind) / Back to Blind
  • 3rd Progression: Unhooked Powered Back Roll with a backside 180 and an Airpass (landing toeside) / Back to Blind with an Airpass
  • 4th Progression : Unhooked powered Back Roll with a backside 360 (landing heelside) / KGB

[youtube: 670 409]

You can spot a KGB by realising the trick has started with a back roll but then crucially the backside 360 rotation is notably in the counter direction.

One of the most popular additions is adding a grab, but generally Pro’s throw this into a Back to Blind or Back to Blind Airpass, giving them time to hold the grab and tweak the board and body!

Previous  Trick Progressions:

More to come…

If you want to learn the KGB or any of the powered tricks leading up to it check out the Progression Kiteboarding Professional DVD for in-depth instruction and demonstrations from the wakestyle master Aaron Hadlow.