The Progression Method has been tried & tested over the past 10 years and we have so much great feedback, from new-comers to the sport, on how our videos have aided them after their lessons. However we think we are in a unique position, to help potential new kiters, to learn more about the sport both before & during their lessons.

To do this we have been researching how schools work, starting out in 2011 when we released a Progression School DVD, in beta, which was to be offered to students at the beginning of every course. Feedback was great from this however we found that the DVD wasn’t specific enough to each schools needs. PKBBSE---layout---v2---med

Further research lead us to look at how lessons are run from country to country. We discovered that each school has to teach in a unique way best suitable for local conditions. Even though the lessons varied all the schools seemed to follow a very similar structure set by the kitesurfing teaching bodies. A great lesson structure is key to a good lesson, and we have found the governing bodies have done a fantastic job implementing this structure in to schools. However we would like to find a way we can improve upon this, utilising the learning expertise in video and technology that Progression has developed, whilst still keeping the great teaching standards set by the teaching organisations.

We have several new products we would like to develop further but first we want to ask you, as kitesurfers, to help us out with your insight by answering This Simple Survey.

It will take no longer than 3 minutes and could potentially help a lot of new kitesurfers to develop their skills quicker and in a more effective way, meaning safer beaches and more competent kiters on the water.