Over the past 5 years we’ve created a lot of short videos to inform, educate and inspire kite surfers and its become a hugely popular part of our Progression YouTube channel.  So as the season starts for many of you around the world, we though we’d highlight some of our most popular videos for each skill level.

So beginners, intermediates & advanced have been covered, finally we have the higher level pro tricks…

Slim Chance – Trick Definition


Raley to Blind – Trick Definition


Trick Progression – F16 – Unhooked Back Roll With A Kiteloop


Back to Wrapped – Top Tips


The Professional range of tricks focus on the powered, unhooked style of freestyle kiteboarding covered in our Professional Collections. Seven final tricks broken down in to 30 progressions and over 2 hours of in-depth instruction available through the Progression Player App as either a collection or as individual videos, or order the DVD from our online store or any good kitesurfing store.