No matter how long you have been kiting for there is always more to learn and that’s what i, and probably lots of you, like about this sport.    But with so much to learn and typically so little time, (damn life seems to always get in the way) spending oodles of time perfecting one trick before you move onto the next will leave you making very slow progression and feeling mightily frustrated.

Maybe its because you can’t think of what to learn next or can’t find the resources to help you learn?  Maybe you were taught to learn things slowly, have had enough of taking those slams or maybe you are just a little perfectionist??   Some, if not most, of these ring true for me and in the past i have been guilty of regimenting my sessions to tirelessly learning a single technique or trick.

What i realise now is that not only does this make for some dull laborious sessions, it makes my kiting look dull and has potentially held me back.   Now i make a conscious effort to not necessarily push myself, but to focus myself and I am always looking for new things to learn and preparing a mental ‘progression to do list’ before i head out.   I have noticed that the more i mix it up the more i am learning; learning to jump has helped my toeside, learning to back roll has helped my carves, learning to carve has helped my jump transitions……you get the picture.   I guess it comes down to understanding more about the kite/board in different situations and generally getting more rounded experience on the water.

I am not advocating you run out and try something you are clearly not ready for but just try not to get stuck perfecting one trick. Broaden your goals, make your sessions more interesting and i guarantee you will start to see faster progression.

I am off out for a kite right now and my ‘progression list’ today is –  backroll transition, pop from toeside, big air looking upside down(!) and maybe try a front roll.   Wish me luck!

Get inspired and instructed for your next session, check out some of our Progression vids and make your own ‘Progression To Do List’!