FCP - blind judgeIts been a busy week in the office as we continue to work on some future DVDs but we were also lucky to have UK Pro Rider, James Boulding, in the office getting some experience with Macs & Final Cut Pro (he’s stuck with a crappy pc laptop at the moment, not for long we reckon after this week!).  He’s a talented guy, as can be seen from his level of rider but also the video’s he’s been editing over the past year. I think it was a bit of an eye opener to see the level of work going into to making a 2 hour Progression instructional dvd, where ever word spoken and action delivered is meticulously considered!

We also got him working on a couple of short videos to keep you all progressing, and obviously with a rider of James level, it was only fair to let me tackle some advanced level tricks. So for those of you curious as to what the latest and greatest tricks from the PKRA are all about then check out the trick terminology video for the Bel Air (courtesy of a filming session we had with Aaron Hadlow, in Mexico, earlier this year when he was mastering the trick)

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmM-F7orSLk 480 290]

Second up is the first powered handle pass that a lot of people will attempt, the Blind Judge – basically a Raley with a backside 180, passing the bar in the air and landing toeside. Here we’ve got a mobile top tip video, covering 6 of the key elements, watch it on our Mobile site and download it for your ipod, iphone, mobile phone etc

Check out the trailer for our Progression Professional DVD, or buy it from our store, if you want to learn how to do the Blind Judge in detail, along with 23 other powered handle pass tricks.