thumbs_upMaking the Progression DVDs is always pretty stressful and a really slog for the last couple of months to get all the editing completed. So it’s always nice when the DVDs are released and the feedback starts coming in – definitely makes it worthwhile:

To all at Fatsand, i purchased the progression beginners kite landboarding dvd a couple of weeks back. And i would just like to tell you guys it is awesome.
The filming and editing are superb and the attention to detail is second to none. I really like how you show things from different angles and actually show what the kite is doing, unlike alot of other landboarding dvd’s. When is the next dvd in the series coming out please?

– Brett, Birmingham, UK – Jan 19, 2009

Thats what we like to hear! And we’ve had a lot of interest in a more advance kite landboarding dvd – hold you’re horses, we only just got the beginner dvd finished!! ;-) Nothing definite yet, but its on the slate and we’ll be looking at ways to get you Lewis Wilby showing you some of his best moves at some point in the future…