Our selection of free videos here on our site & YouTube has been gradually building up over the past 3 years, and we now have one of the biggest trick catalogs available to watch for free online.

This is great for the regular youtuber or couch potato but for many, these videos are never seen.

So as of today we will be running themed weeks, where we will post one of our videos every day all along a particular theme – Transitions, Landing Blind, Mobes, Grabs, Next Steps for Beginners to name just a few.

The aim is to inspire you to go out and rip it up, maybe try a new trick or learn something about the kit you are riding.

This week we will be starting with Rider Interviews featuring some of the best talent from around the Globe – today we kick off with Wainman rider Niccolo Porcella.

So look for daily updates on facebook or twitter and learn something new this year!