As the season kicks in there’s been a lot of talk about safety, and rightly so! The Progression brand is all about making the most of your potential, helping you have fun, but also keeping you safe.

Safety on the beach and water should always come first, and that’s why we’re doing our extra bit to help it stay that way. We want to help keep the kitesurfing community out of harm so have set our premium Self Rescue video free in the hope that it will promote better awareness and habits, as well as safer kite beaches.

Click the link below to download the FREE* ‘Water Relaunch & Self Rescue’ video now via the Progression Player App:

Download the FREE Self Resue video


Why is it so important to know how to automatically initiate the self-rescue procedure? Check out our earlier blog post for an insight into the safety basics. Why not also take a look at our safety checklist and share any tips you have: even better is to get together and go through everything with your kite buddies to spread awareness. Keep on progressing, but do it safely!

*(free of charge for a limited period – previous normal price $4.99/€4.99/£3.99)