There are so many great destinations around the world that are perfect to learn to kitesurf, however there are some spots that you would think had been built just for the sport. Picking out some of the best is not easy but here is Progression’s “5 of the Best Spots” to Learn to Kitesurf.

U.S.A – Cape Hatteras:

top5-learn-to-kite-hatteras-610x300 The Outer Banks is a strip of land, only a few hundred metres wide in places, which runs for over 100 miles down the North Carolina coast. On one side the ocean, on the other “The Sound” – flat waist deep water for as far as the eye can see. As you can imagine this makes it an exceptional place to learn to kitesurf (or improve at any style of kiting) and Cape Hatteras is the main spot with both Real Kiteboarding and Kitty Hawk Kites calling it home and offering great instruction. It is a pretty isolated place so best to head down with a group of friends or make sure your laptop is loaded up with lots of movies! Best Season: April – October

Egypt – Red Sea

egypt There are many spots along Egypt’s Red Sea coast to visit and with consistent thermal winds and warm water you can see why it’s a top destination for kiters across Europe. Nabq Bay, El Gouna, Ras Sudr and Soma Bay are just a few of the spots with large sandy beaches and flat shallow water, it’s ideal for learning the sport. We shot our Beginner, Intermediate Volume 1, Volume 2 and Advanced videos out in Egypt so we can personal voucher for its credentials. It’s not just a great destination for kiting but as a family holiday with many of the locations have good night life and other activities (the diving is second to none). Best Season: April – October * Some resorts get thermal winds during the winter months too

Brazil – Cumbuco

top5-learn-to-kite-brazil-610x300 Cumbuco is the most well known kiting spot in Brazil. An hours drive north of Fortaleza, this once small village has grown to accommodate its reputation as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. It’s earned that position from its six kilometre long, sandy beach and consistent cross-shore trade winds which blow pretty much everyday. There is also a lagoon but be prepared for it to get a little busy with the all the local hot shots and visiting Pro riders. Cumbuco is just the start of the kiting opportunities in North East Brazil – travelling up the coast you’ll discover an endless number of lagoons and bays which offers stellar kiting with schools popping up all the time. Best Season: July – December

United Kingdom – Hayling Island

Hayling Being Brits we have to include one spot from our homeland! Hayling Island is  known for its consistent summer wind. It is also fondly called ‘God’s pocket’ as it gets more sunlight than any other place in the UK which aids in its summer sea breezes and opportunities to get on the water! Due to a large sand bar that appears 4 hours either side of low tide,  Hayling island produces a huge flat shallow lagoon for over a kilometre out to sea producing perfect learning conditions, which can be ridden in many wind direction. Due to some restrictions with the local council you will need to have lessons with one of the registered kite schools or check about daily permits but perks include rescue cover and a permanent person on the beach to help with launching and landing, a great service for novices still building their confidence. Best Season: April – October

Spain – Tarifa

top5-learn-to-kite-tarifa-610x300 Tarifa is known as the windy capital of Europe with year round kitesurfing. Be prepared for some strong winds – the “Levante” is know to send the locals crazy – but the schools here are setup to take full advantage of the unique conditions and the 11km wide sandy beach gives lots of options. Walking down the main high street you’ll be amazed by the number of kite stores and schools, with over 20 on one stretch of road, it’s a kiters paradise. It also has an amazing nightlife, so if you have any energy left then head out after midnight and the party will just be starting! Tarifa is a must visit for any kiter at any level. Best Season: May – November


There are so many destinations around the world that are perfect for kiting with hundreds of great schools/instructors but where ever you choose to learn, home or abroad, Progression can help you learn quicker, safer and easier with our Beginner Collection of videos.

Where would you rate as the best place to learn to kitesurf?

Next up will be looking at 5 of the Best spots for big air and freeriding…