There’s been an awful lot of packing, unpacking and re-packing again for me recently following the change in wind season and travelling back to the Northern Hemisphere ready for Europe to blow. It’s got me really thinking about what I can and can’t do without in my luggage: some things I really appreciate having with me as they’re not so easy to just pick up once overseas.

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Kiteworld Magazine has just listed Progression Kitesurfing Videos as one of their ‘Travel Essentials’ in their newly launched 2016 Travel Guide, and I thought it might be interesting to know what seasoned kiters deem to be their coveted luggage items.

iPhones are great, but damn

the batteries suck!

– Sam Medysky

For me, it’s got to be my chemical free anti-mosquito plug as I’m always next to the water and seem to be irresistible to them. A year ago I was living out of my campervan in Tarifa and getting attacked daily until I spent €9 on this electric plug. It omits a noise mosquitos hate (but humans can’t hear) and I’ve never been bitten when using it since!

For the rest of the Progression team – it’s travel weighing scales for Rob as he has so much camera gear so he has to be careful that his bags are not overweight and get ripped off at the airline check-in desks. I don’t even need to ask what Karl’s is as I have heard him going on enough about how he’ll never leave the country without a roll of duct tape. He’s been known to use it to repair kit as well as tape up his own shoulder!

I really cannot understand why people

do not take their eyes seriously!

– Steph Bridge

So I put the same question to some of our pro kitesurfing friends. We got a real mixed interesting bag of responses to share with you – some I’ll definitely consider travelling with myself now too (though maybe not the fruit Paula – see below!)!

lew hsLewis Crathern, North “I always travel with my Bosch cordless drill. Nothing beats setting the board up in record time as it can be a real hassle taking ages screwing everything in for 5 minutes or so”.



karolina hs

Karolina Winkowska, Slingshot “First of all, I have a lot of things with me that aren’t my kites, because I know my travels are full of surprises. I also always have a yoga mat – I use it to protect my boards in my quiver and then to exercise on it too!”



aaron hs

Aaron Hadlow, North “Proper English tea is hard to find abroad so I make sure I always pack my PG Tips!”



bruna hsBruna Kajiya, Airush “I often travel together with other riders and not all rental cars will fit all of our gear – always handy to have an adaptable roof rack with us!”



pasty hsLee ‘Pasty’ Harvey, North “As a coffee addict I always take a tin of Nescafe Azera Intenso in my bag. Then as soon as I arrive I can charge up and hit the water”



jalou hsJalou Langeree, Naish “I freak out about too much sun in my face especially in places like Cape Town, so I’ll never leave the house or travel without sunscreen. I use Reezo which is an all natural sunscreen which lasts for a long time and does not hurt your eyes! Over the Reezo I apply a bit of zink for my nose and lips”


steph 2 hsSteph Bridge, North“Always 2x pairs of polarised sunglasses with float as I want to be able to see when I am aged 70! I really cannot understand why people do not take their eyes seriously! Going on the water is the same glare as on the snow and you don’t go skiing without goggles do you – It’s something you just have to get used to!”


Bas hsBas Koole, Airush “iPhone; it’s not a unique item to have as my number one item, but it just does it all. It has my boarding pass, access to the lounge, I can connect with my family and friends, take photos and video along the way, Whatsapp, Instagram, Windfinder, Windguru, etc.”


sam hsSam Medysky, Best “Portable battery power – Well iPhones are great, but damn the batteries suck! My must have is a solar charging power bank backup battery.”



paula hsPaula Novotná, North “It might sound hilarious, but when I travel I always take apples. I am an apple addict. My favourite is Granny Smith, the green ones and I am not a big fan of the food on the planes. The apples might be a bit heavy sometimes, but that doesn’t stop me taking them. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” 


Just make sure you’ve always you’ve packed your digital devices and have your Progression Player App ready with any instructional videos for tricks you want to work on. Once downloaded, you can watch the videos and learn the easy way, even without the need for wifi!

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