So the PKRA is kicking back into action today in Fuerteventura and we’ll see if Youri Zoon can continue to dominate or whether the likes of Alex Pastor, Alberto Rondino or Marc Jacobs can steal a win. So its a good opportunity to highlight a couple of new Trick Deifnition videos that are well suited to your Pro Kiteboarder.

The NIS is a stable trick (thats a Non-Inverted Slim to the rest of us) that we have covered in various forms before. Today we have a couple more advanced versions to show off:

Shifty NIS:

Rider: Forest Bakker, Location: Tarifa, Spain

Grabbed NIS 5

Rider: Alex Pastor, Location: Brandvlei, South Africa

You may see these trick names reported over the next few weeks during the world tour events, so hopefully you actually understand what they mean!