So finally the next Progression DVD has been sent to the replicators and will back in our hands on the 15th December, so all pre-orders will be shipped out the same day.

Apologies for the delays, and to those out side the UK that had hoped to get a copy in time for Christmas – its gonna be close! Realistically its unlikely that anyone outside Europe will get DVDs for Christmas, but they should arrive soon after if you order directly from us. Also our distributors and retailers, in most countries, have DVDs on order so also contact your local shop and see when they think they’ll get stock.

And why was it delayed? Primarily because we started out thinking kite landboarding is a simpler sport and could be covered in 90 minutes, but we soon realised that there was sooo much more we wanted to cover with more detail. So it grew to 135 minutes which when in last mad rush to finish broke the 165 minute barrier – and finishing a 2 hour and 45 video takes a long time! But we decided it was worth the extra time and effort to give the definite reference DVD for anyone learning the sport.

Now we sit and wait for the replicators to do their thing and send us back a big crate of DVD, but we’ll have a new trailer and some short videos ready to keep you interested over the next few days – or you can just go place your order now :-)