Fat Sand Productions are excited to announce the imminent release of our 5th DVD in the Progression series of instructional videos.  We have taken the proven Progression method that has made us the best selling kitesurfing instructional DVD worldwide, and applied it to help beginners get to grips with Kite Landboarding.

Check out the teaser trailer:

Progression Kite Landboarding Beginner is primarily aimed at people with some existing kite flying experience, whether that’s as a kitesurfer, power kiter or existing novice kite landboarder. We start with the basics; giving you all the background on the sport, safety, locations and conditions before getting you up on the board for the first time, slowing down and stopping. Then we’ll refine your stance, introducing upwind technique and more challenging tricks such as sliding, riding toeside, turns and carving turns. Finally, we take you through every aspect of jumping – from the absolute basics, small jumps, improved technique for those hugh boasting jumps, then a few grabs and finishing with aerial transitions.

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