surfsunsetmatesAccording to our recent (well, not that recent but its taken this long to get the results analysed!) survey, most of you turn to your mates not only for inspiration on WHAT to learn next but also HOW to learn it.   Although we would have loved you all to say “DVD’s, yes we love them the most”  we are also smiling at this undeniable truth that makes kiting the sport it is.

Unlike many other water sports, in kiting you tend to need a buddy to help launch, land and generally help if you get into a pickle.   But i think its more than that very functional driver that makes this sport more social than its contemporaries.

Maybe its because there are so many things to learn – you can always get something new by watching your mates or others down the beach? Maybe its because people aren’t finding the sort of personal dialogue around instruction or inspiration in published media? Or maybe published media is not getting to people when they need it most? Maybe its because its still fairly new so we all feel that social ‘we’re doing this’ glue more than say a windsurfer does?  Or maybe that newness to the sport also makes it hard to do as an individual – so it becomes a sport that multiplies by friendly invitation?

Whatever it is, I know i get so much more from my session when i share it with my crew.  We egg each other on, take inspiration from what the other is learning, share our difficutlies, offer up our advice – and of course keep each other sane when we’re hanging around on those frustrating light wind days!

Next time you’re heading out with your kiting mates, share what you’re all gonna learn that day, impart any advice, offer up different suggestions and then discuss how it went after the session ends.  Being social is what makes our sport what is it so make the most of your mates and learn more!