kite-forum-screencapIn the last post we covered our first online stop for all things news related in the kiting world. Today we’re going to highlight a few forums that we frequent on a regular bases.

Now forums, or message boards, can be a mixed bag. Lots of people ranting and raving, under the hidden cover of anonimity, can put a lot of people off. And yes most forums will have a small number of more regular vocal posters but the speed of response and depth of information that can be gained is a massive benefit for riders of any level. Plus its good way to waste a minute or 30, and emmerse yourself in some kitesurfing discussions.

kiteforumWell you couldn’t start a post on kitesurfing forums with out starting with the daddy –
By far the largest meeting spot online for kiters, kiteforum has an active community and is great for general advise on new kites and boards,  finding the latest online videos & dvds, best locations around the world and from time to time the most active, passionate & opinionated rants anywhere on the net ;-) Avoid or jump in, whatever your persuation!

kiteboardercouk_logoThough most people will stick to the main kitesurfing forum, there is also more targeted boards for each major country, region, kite manufacturer & riding style.
For us Brits, the forum of choice, is hands down – again another active community but with a very british sense of dry wit and sarcism! Its a great place to discuss what is going on with kiting around the UK. We are particularly fond of the “Instruction Zone“,  these two boards for Newbies and Technique, are great places to go to ask a question about whatever trick or technique you’re stuggling with, and you’ll get loads of help from a host of knowledgable riders.

Now from a personal level these are the two forums that the Progression team frequent the most, but there are few others we step into from time to time: – This ones for those on the darkside! Its a pretty hardcore blinding screntric forum. Go on there and try and defend the virtues of dangly jumps and you’ll quickly be cut down to size ;-) Joking aside, its a great place for anyone watching to chat about the wakeboard inspired side of the sport – Another predominately UK sentric community but has a massive following, particularly with the land based kite sports, if you’re looking to chat about power kiting, kite landboarding or buggying then it’s definitely worth a look.. – Australia’s largest online kitesurfing community. – Florida Kitesurfing Association Forum – South Africa’s biggest kitesurfing news site has a great forum geared to all kiters from Camp Town to Durban. – A huge site focused on the USA, with a large database of real-time wind reports but they have a popular forum too, with specific areas for each of the regions across the States.

Now that covers the most regular reads for us, but there are so many other great communities out there, so over to you – what kite forums do you find yourself heading back to on a regular basis? It would be interesting to hear of more localised/specific forums, so let us know where you’re congregating online…