UPDATE: The new Carving Turns Collection has been released and is available to purchase now in the Progression Player App.

Ever fancied yourself as a wave rider? Have you always wanted that shot of you, surfboard under arm, or better still riding out and attacking an awesome wave?

Or have you already tried it yet crave a bit more style and finesse and the ability to take on the monster waves of the world?

I think most of us have, yet riding a surfboard is a bit different to riding a twintip board and until now there’s not been that much information out there to help you get started or good at it. Why would you invest all that money in a new surfboard when there’s no-one around to teach you how to ride it, and how do you know if you are doing it right if you attempt it yourself?

Picking up a surfboard for the 1st time and heading out to the ocean is amazing, but it can be a little daunting. You’ll probably get a little frustrated too, especially if you’re a pretty confident kiter otherwise. Don’t forget that style is really important too and riding with style should add to your enjoyment.

If you want to be the next Airton Cozzolino slashing perfect waves in Indonesia you’re gonna need a bit of help…. and that’s where Progression comes in (of course!)

Announcing your new best friend:
The Progression Kitesurfing Series

Progression Kitesurfing Videos - Coming Soon

Four years in the making and with support from North and Airush, and we’re about to launch just what you need to learn how to properly attack a wave using a surfboard with a kite!

Building on our 12 years experience of creating detailed instructional videos for kiters, we’ll help you transition to a surfboard covering all the basics, the common mistakes (there’s more when it comes to riding a surfboard), and the more advanced stuff too. Whet your appetite further and check out the trailer:

Our focus is primarily on riding a surfboard strapless – not because we are against riding strapped, (that choice is yours), but everyone can gain a far better understanding of how your kite, body and board work together when you aren’t locked to your board the whole time. If you want to get the most out of a surfboard you need to change certain aspects of your stance, compared to riding a twintip. Then you can screw your straps back on and you’ll see a huge jump in your surfboard technique and style.

The initial Collection is out from 1st December and available digitally via our awesome Progression Player App (both iOS and Android) so that you can download and watch them anytime, anywhere. The Collections will be released over the coming months to give us time to get each chapter polished for you (without holding back finished sections that we know you’ll not want to wait for!):


1st December

Carving turns collection
Updated iOS and Android apps

Updated website with full product information



Riding Waves: Frontside video released


Summer 2016

Riding Waves: Backside video released



Riding and Control collection
Full Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection available for Purchase

You’ll also benefit from the same ‘Complete my Collection’ discounts too meaning even if you have bought the videos separately, you’ll still never pay more than the discounted Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection price (available once all videos have been released).

Regular? Goofy?

Don’t worry about your natural footing stance as we’ll cover both – in fact you get to choose whether you want to download the regular or goofy video version (yeah, we’re a bit clever like that!).

Kitesurfing Regular or Goofy

What’s more we are releasing a new version of our Player App on Android and iOS to differentiate the Kitesurfing Series, as well as add new features and improve the downloads and usability all round.

We’ll be putting out plenty more wave content too including more blog posts, free videos and tips. Be sure to follow us for updates.

We also have a full press release for any media outlets interested.

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