On Tuesday we hit 200 posts on the Progression Blog. Now, two hundred may not seem like a massive number in these days of constant news feeds and unless streams of content but we have always tried to focus on unique and original content rather than just reposting every kiteboarding press release or the latest pro riders video from Brazil! To that end, we’re proud of the knowledge base we’ve amassed and whether you are looking to improve with some skills & tips, help understand your equipment or simply some travel advice, we think we have something for everyone.

Wondering where to start? Here’s my pick of five of our best:

What Defines a Twin Tip Kiteboard

In a little over a year, this has become one of our most popular posts. If you are confused or intrigued by what makes a twin tip do what it does, then this post covers all the basic design and construction features along with explaining the overall board types.



Why does kitesurfing make you happy?

Hey man, this is the feel good, existential post – well maybe not that deep but it definitely went down well with kiters and got us all talking about why this sport puts a smile on our face.



Do you have the Right of Way?

This is what we do best, technique, instruction, advice and this post hit home and got people vocal on what seems like a lack of awareness on many beaches. In contains a video excerpt from our Beginner Collection that demonstrates the basics of the right of way rules that so many seem to be unaware of!



Learning to Ride a Kite Surfboard – 6 Tips to get your Started

Way before we launched any of your kitesurfing series of videos, I was learning to ride a surfboard and these were the key elements that helped me improve and gain some confidence.



The Art of Jumping

It’s why so many of us start kiteboarding – you see that person flying through the sky and think “I want to do that”. Then you go through all the stages of being a beginner and realising leaving the water is hard enough, getting proper height is the real challenge. Here we laid out some key areas to focus on, alongside excerpts from our premium Jumping video.

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And there are so many more – here are few more worth checking out:

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