I’m Caroline from Brighton, UK and I’m the lucky new girl that gets to work as part of the Progression team as their new Marketing Manager :-)

Yes I’m a kiter (but of course!) and I’d like to think I’m as passionate about the sport as you are.

Up to the point where I had my 1st lesson I’d always wanted to learn to kitesurf since the sport’s early days. I had the opportunity to learn in New Zealand in 2001, but back then you had to complete a 12 day kite flying course before you could even try it in water and the cost would have taken up all the money I had available to see SE Asia. I have never regretted any of the places I’ve travelled to, but boy am I kicking myself now for not having 10+ years kiting experience under my belt.

It takes confidence for a girl to go off and learn a dangerous new sport on her own and as I didn’t have an adventurous partner in crime to encourage me back home, kiting just became a distant dream.  The real catalyst to me eventually taking the plunge was finding that more and more friends around me were settling down, going out less and choosing to stay at home knitting (I kid you not!) over outdoor pursuits… I really can’t ever see myself staying at home knitting!


Guess which one I chose…

The sport quickly became one of my biggest passions. To the point where 6 months after my 1st lesson I’d even bought a campervan to transport my kit and get myself to nearby kite spots to live the kiting dream.

I really suffered from a lack in confidence in the sport though, which caused a real lag in my progression; I did way too much procrastinating and it took a recent trip to Egypt to really beat that out of me and get me up and riding.  Now I’m happy with my progress (early intermediate) and I’d say that what I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm, and that I enjoy the lifestyle almost as much as the sport!

What’s more is my passion, and my 15 years of marketing experience, has now happily combined with a cool new job in the industry, where I hope to be updating and driving the Progression brand forward.  I’m wanting to engage and help you all with your learning along the way, whatever your level; let’s face it, we all want to ride like the experts and it’s totally achievable. I believe, we all just need the right guidance and support to help us get there. Coming from my own experience I have interests in helping to build confidence in getting you out kiting and trying new things.  I also hope to represent the female kiting minority and support and encourage more women to join and progress in the sport.  For me it’s incredibly important to bring the kiting community together to share experiences, learn from each other and provide a cool support network; let’s face it we all need each other and the sport is an awesome way of connecting with others too.

Happily, you’ll now find me currently living at one of the world’s top kiting locations at Kite Beach Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic. I now have the opportunity to kite almost every day and enjoy watching the awesome pros work their magic on the water. I’ve embarked on a new life spending a few months here, then a few months there, following the balmy warm winds around the world. :-)

I’m taking everything in, having just started in the role, but you’ll find me on the beach, in the water or via the following… I’m soo bloomin excited to be here!