So you’re already up and riding comfortably and well and truly hooked? It’s now time to develop the stoke and take your kiting up a notch further.

We have been at the heart of kitesurfing’s history for over 10 years helping kitesurfers progress through our instructional video content from day one, right up to pro level. We’ve put together this web page dedicated to kiteboarding intermediates to give you some resources that will help in your kiting journey.

Not quite ready for this level yet? Go check out the beginner zone!

What do you want to know?
The Art of Jumping
Back Roll Transition with a Lien Grab
  • Trick Definitions
  • Kiteboarding Intermediate
Inverted Front Roll with a grab
  • Trick Definitions
  • Kiteboarding Intermediate
Popping – Hooked-in
  • Top Tips
  • Kiteboarding Intermediate

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Join us on your kiting journey & share with other kiters everything to do with your love of the sport