Kiteboarding Advanced Zone

Go bigger, get more technical or just improve your style - step up to being an advanced rider!

What makes you an Advanced kiter? You are confident riding in a variety of conditions, you’ve got pretty good jump technique, you can spin around under your kite but want to do everything better – whether that is boosting stylish hooked in tricks, adding grabs, kiteloops, board offs or landing to blind or getting started with powered unhooked tricks. Your road to being an advanced rider offers a wide range of tricks and techniques and this page hopes to get your started, pointing you in the right direction as you step up to take your kiteboarding onwards and upwards!

What do you want to know?
Inverted Double Back Roll transation with a grab
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Riding Blind
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Surface Pass
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  • Kiteboarding Advanced

For more in depth instruction to learn all side of advanced kiteboarding, our premium videos & collections cover everything you need to know to succeed. Whether it’s hooked or unhooked we have a range of videos that help to tackle technical and high risk tricks in a controlled and safe manner. Check out the intro video to find out more:

Our videos use our special Progression method to break everything down for you, as well as analyse common mistakes. Get the Progression Player app and you can even watch and learn from the beach, right before you hit the water!

Join us on your kiting journey & share with other kiters everything to do with your love of the sport