We asked our Facebook fans what Trick progression they wanted to see next – the options where:

  • Board off
  • Blind Judge
  • Grabbed back roll transition

And the winner was pretty conclusive with 54% of the vote – The Blind Judge!

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sYwNsDM-3k 650 396]

Every step of this trick is classic unhooked powered moves:

  • Powered Unhooked Raley
  • Powered unhooked Raley with a Backside 180 landing Blind
  • Powered unhooked Raley with a Backside 180 with an Airpass = Blind Judge
  • One  step further – Powered unhooked Raley with a Backside 180 with an Airpass = Blind Judge 3

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