Interesting statement from on of my favorite blogs:

The best way to graduate from beginner is to get in way over your head. Nothing makes you better faster.

Now these guys are a software development company so in that contents it makes alot of sense, but for kitesurfing its way to gung-ho but it does bring up a great point for kitesurfing beginners – maybe the statement should be changed to:

The best way to graduate from beginner is to commit yourself fully. Nothing makes you better faster.

If you really want to learn to kitesurf then its needs to be your top priority, in particully at the novice stage. Time on the water is all that matters and the right conditions can be few and far between, so when the wind is right you need to drop everything and get out there.

Here’s a exert from an interview we did with Steph Bridge, owner of Edge Watersports, an instructor with years of experience and one of the top kite racers in the world. She explains it well:

[youtube: 480 290]

So if you are looking to start kitesurfing, or struggling to get over those early stages then its time to commit yourself fully. Best tip – warn your friends and family that all arrangements are subject to wind conditions, you’ll get some strange looks but they can’t complain that you didn’t warn them…