In Issue 51 of KiteWorld, their Motordrive section cover how to “Get Pop”. Now for any riders wanting to perform unhooked tricks learning to pop is a necessity but for those of you who aren’t quite ready to make that step yet, popping hooked-in is still a vital skill to learn. To that end we have created two ‘Top Tip’ videos for kitesurfers learning to Pop Hooked-in & Pop Unhooked.

Now fundamentally the technique for popping is the same whether you are hooked-in or unhooked:

  • Keep the kite low and stable
  • Edge hard off your back leg, with your whole body moving back against the kites power
  • When you release the edge your whole body comes forward

The unhooked version, however, requires better timing and control to ensure you can harness that power correctly – but start learning your pop hooked-in and you’ll be half way towards the next progression of unhooking.

Hooked-in Popping

Popping hooked-in is a great technique as it will not only giving you leg up when it comes to unhooking but also offer you a range of new tricks to learn whether it’s popping to toeside, popped grabs or trying back rolls without sending your kite.

Want to master this trick in full? The Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 Collection covers popping in-depth within a 10 minute chapter of high-quality instructional content about learning how to pop when in kiteboarding – buy it now in the Progression Player App.

Unhooked Popping

For those wanting to unhook, getting good pop is vital for Raley’s, S-bend’s, in-fact every powered trick that exists! Quite often the most common problem for any unhooked trick comes back to the very beginning and mistakes in that initial pop.

Want to master this trick in full? The Progression Kiteboarding Advanced Collection covers everything from setting up and learning the basics of unhooking and then learning how to pop and then throwing down a raley.


So this is just part one of the ‘Art of Popping’ from Progression, in the next blog post we’ll run through some of the progressions you can take after the basics of popping to spice things up a bit!

As always if you need any help or have tips you’d like to share, please comment below.