We’re really excited about the release of our new website for Progression Mobile.

For a long time our customers have been asking for a way to easily view their Progression DVD content on their mobile devices. Though it has been possible to extract videos from the DVDs, this content is not optimised for the smaller screens and viewing situations of these mobile devices – iPods, iPhone, mobile phones etc.

When you are trying any new trick or technique you always want a few pointers from an experienced friend just before you leave the beach, but for many kitesurfers there isn’t someone who fits that bill. Enter Progression Mobile – load a video on to your mobile device and watch the short, 1-2 minute video down the beach before you hit the water. The videos offer 4 or 5 precise tips, accompanied by repetitive video clips to hammer home the points, so you can easily recall and visualise them once you are on the water. They aren’t trying to teach you how to master the whole trick, but simply the elements you must remember if you have any chance of pulling it off on your first attempts!

These videos are a FREE download available in a variety of formats from the Progression Mobile website and each week we’ll release 4 videos, one for each of the Progression Skill Levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional.

We’re launching with the following:

Then coming Next Week:

  • Beginner – Launching the kite
  • Intermediate – Forward Loops
  • Advanced – S-Bend
  • Professional – NIS

We also are excited to hear your comments and suggestions on both the individual videos but also what you think about the Progression Mobile concept – leave comments under each video or drop us an email.

And we have lots of features planned, here are just a few of them:

  • Feeds for each skill level so you can download them easily each month
  • How-to videos and an FAQ with help on how to get the videos on to your iPod or mobile phone (or any mp3/video player).
  • More video formats – what formats do you think we’re missing?
  • Mobile phone website, so you can download directly to your mobile phone in the best format for your phone
  • iPhone website, so you can watch videos online from your iPhone
  • More videos!!!
So there you go, check our the videos, download them to your mobile device and give them a go down the beach and let us know what you think…

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