backloop_mobile_stillAfter a long winter hiatus, we slowly getting the Progression Mobile videos back on track.

They’ve been hugely popular and we hope that they are giving everyone a little extra nudge to go out and try something new, as the summer arrives for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

We now have over 25 Mobile videos covering tricks and techniques from Beginners to Experts. The latest additions are the the carving heelside to toeside turn, some help with your stance, basic jumps, the backloop transition and front loop transitions, all of which are key for any inspiring intermediate.

The most popular video so far? The Waterstart, of course, probably the most defining moment of any kitesurfers progression.

For the more experienced, its no surprise that Kiteloop Top Tips is a real hit, along with the unhooked S-bend.

And for all those aspiring Pro riders, you seem to be getting your fill on the Front Mobe and Back to Wrapped – both classic unhooked powered freestyle tricks.

Anyway, expect more to come over the next few weeks and let us know what top tips you want to see get made next…