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Episode 5: Carbon Masts for Kitefoiling – this one is for all the kite foilers or wannabe foilers. Is it time to upgrade from that aluminium mast and go carbon?

Rob’s been testing the new F-ONE carbon mast for the past 6 months, after 3 years riding aluminium, and three big advantages have become blazingly clear to him – watch and find out why he is a convert!

He also gives a quick round up of some of the technical details of the new F-one carbon masts and compares them to the aluminium offerings.

Learn to Kitefoil with Progression:

Foiling Toeside and the Foiling Foot Change:

New F-one v3 Kitefoil Collection:


Email us your questions for the next episode – tricks you are struggling with, mistakes you are making, or anything you think we might be able to help with. Send over any video clip or record a short video asking your question.

Kitesofaing is Progression’s new web series, offering constructive techniques you can practice at home during the COVID-19 lockdown (though nothing to stop you carrying on when things go back to normal). The plan is for two videos each week:

  • The Weekend video will be focused on “doing”, activities you can try and practice at home
  • The Mid-week video will cover a range of topics and focus more on better understanding through detailed theory briefings and question and answer sessions – submit your questions to Rob at kitesofaing@progression.me

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F-one: http://www.f-one.world
Manera: http://www.manera.com
Music: Brooklyn Nights by Chelsea McGough (via Soundstripe)
Producers: Rob Claisse & Michelle Blaydon
Kiters: Rob Claisse, Titouan Galea

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