Progressions ultimate guide on learning to the foot switch on the foil.

There is no doubt, a flying foot change on your foil, when you get it right, feels amazing. It is also the gateway to advancing your kite skills and opens up endless possibilities to more tricks. But getting the consistency of the foot change is the challenge. The key is learning the individual movements and how they have to work together. Knowing how to correct small mistakes that have a big impact on the whole movement will see you up your success rate and finally get consistently in your foot changes.

This latest video by Progression reveals the secrets to make foot changes on your foil easy.
Learn the precise positions of the kite, body and board that guarantee solid foot changes on both heal and toe side switches.  With unique multi-view video syncs that make understanding easy and Progression’s tried and tested foot change drills, this video will have you dancing on your board in no time

Watch the Foiling Foot Change Video

Key teaching features you won’t find anywhere else

  • Learn the best dry land and beach drills that consolidates your muscle memory and speeds up the learning process to successful foot changes
  • Learn both heal to toe and toe to heal changes and the little tips that make these moves different
  • See the kite, body and board positions in unique synchronised video formats for a better and more in-depth understanding of how to complete your foot changes
  • Try and tested on over 50 students over the last two years. Learn from the expert Progression Live coaches so you can foot changing successfully, faster than from any other video content
  • Understand the common mistakes students make in the learning process so you can identify what you are doing wrong, why you are doing it and the learn how to perform the movement correctly

Watch the Foiling Foot Change Video

The Full Foiling Gybe

The Foiling Foot Change is just part of the Foiling Gybe, our upcoming collection which also includes Toeside Riding, which was released last year, and the upcoming Carving Turns video which I am working on next and will be out in the coming months. The carving turns are the hardest of the three techniques to teach through video (though not necessary to learn) because there is so much variation depending on the kite size, wind strength, and style of foil. Finding a clear concise way to teach this without losing the nuance of the many edge cases has been tricky but I finally think I have found a way through!

The new Foiling Foot change video is 25 minutes long featuring two full Progression for the Toeside to Heelside and then the Heelside to Toeside foot change. It’s available to purchase today, here on the Progression website and start streaming it immediately or head over to the Progression App on your iOS or Android devices and download it there.

Watch the Foiling Foot Change Video