Came across this excellent video yesterday of the kite racing in Cissy Field, San Francisco. Definitely worth a watch, as its really nicely filmed by Jamy Donaldson and has some interesting interviews with all the guys talking about their wierd and wonderful raceboard designs.

[youtube: 480 290]

And it’s got be really fired up to get out there and try some racing, it looks like sooo much fun! Having been a course and slalom racer back in my Windsurfing days this just looks so appealing and I know how much it will make me focus on other aspects of my kitesurfing.

Kite-Racing-stfycThe mass appeal for kite racing could be huge, both as its so accessible and will offer something to a large number of kiters who are a bit stuck in a rut kiting back and forward for most of their session. Or those that really aren’t that interested in jumping or doing tricks.

And from a learning point of view, hands down, racing at any level will help you improve quicker than anything. You’d see it all the time at windsurfing events, newbies who could hardly gybe at the beginning of the year would  be leading the charge by the end. And kite racing will be no different. How often do you go out and just go where the session takes you – I’ll kite over there for a bit, I’ll try a carving turn on my next run, oh its a bit choppy, the next run, maybe the next run. With racing you have no choice but to head to the bouy’s in the order you’re told, and there’s no waiting around for someone to get out of your way at the mark, you have to find a way to gybe through. All that focus and determination forces you to really think about what you are doing, and you’re kiting techniques will benefit enormously.

North-Race-LTD09All this serious technique stuff aside, it does looks like a lot of fun! You just need to get one of these funny looking boards with massive fins, something I’ll be doing for sure!

Anyone interested in racing should check out the IKA who are organizing the international racing world tour. In the UK the BKSA have 3 events this year, the first was a huge success in Swansea and the next will be on the 28th-30th August in Blackpool – I’ll be there to give it a go. The other big series (which the video above was taken) is the Cabrinha Race Series held at the St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, check out their site for details on the regular races every 2 weeks.

Let us know in the comments of any other local racing events that are going on around the world…