Twitter List widget - Kitesurfing MagazinesWhether you are into twitter or thing its a waste of time, a new feature they added recently makes it far more interesting to a wider range of people – that feature is twitter lists. Basically they allow anyone to pick a smaller number of people to follow and then anyone else can follow that list or just see a web page with the updates from those people.

So we’ve setup a couple of lists of people you might find interesting:

To be honest the manufacturers list is a little light on updates – not many of the kite brands seems to get twitter at the moment but the Pro Riders and Magazine lists get updates regularly and are probably the quickest way to find out what is new in the kitesurfing world.

We’ll be adding some more lists for News sites, schools & shops over the next few days so keep an eye out on our twitter page. If any riders, magazines or manufactures have been missed off then let us know…