As the PKRA is about to kick off with the 2015 world tour, the riders are training hard and starting to make their way to Dakhla, Morocco for the first event starting on March 18th. We managed to catch up with F-one sponsored Robinson Hilario who chatted to us about the PKRA through his eyes.

Currently ranked 11th in the world, Hilario made the podium last year coming in 2nd for freestyle in the Panama event. Being from Cabarete, he sadly wasn’t able to complete the full tour due to contracting the mosquito born disease chikungunya (causing fever and musculoskeletal pain) that was spreading through the Dominican Republic at the time. However, after 2-3 months of recovery he went on to ride in China and earned enough points to be invited back with a guaranteed place. Now Hilario is ready more than ever to give 2015 his best and is aiming to be in the overall top 5.


Having been kiting for the past 10 years, Hilario competed in the 2010 PKRA when the tour last came to his home of Cabarete. It’s on the list but we don’t yet know if Cabarete will happen for 2015. Hilario would love it to be confirmed as he says ‘we have so many riders that don’t get the chance to compete as they don’t have the money or opportunity to travel, so the PKRA can never see their potential’. The ‘wildcard’ opportunity for each local event organiser to put forward 2 men and 1 woman to compete will certainly up the chances for other Dominicans if the competition does find it’s way to Cabarete.


Having only competed in Freestyle so far, Hilario has been training for the new ‘Big Air’ discipline as well as possible racing. Being used to the beach showmanship in Cabarete, Hilario knows only too well that the new category has been created for the public looking to the future of the sport, but sees nothing wrong in adding a touch of risk factor in height to the competition.

In training for Morocco he’s heading to Dakhla early giving him 18 days to train in the spot and has been hitting the gym hard everyday to build his strength and compensate for a previous knee injury. He’s combined a new natural stretching programme to increase his flexibility and is now favouring this over weights. Diet wise it’s high protein and vegetables and low carbohydrates all the way.


In terms of the competition he mostly looks to Youri Zoon as having the most power and potential, although believes nothing is impossible as with kiting, everything is in the moment. Hilario feels ready and is especially confident with his favourite move; a new progression of the double hindenburger (a double off-axis back roll). He hopes that in using it, he has a good chance of doing well just like everyone else, and is excited to prove he’s capable.

Being from Cabarete does have it’s challenges, for one, travel is not that easy. After recovering from his illness and returning from the final 2014 events in China, the wind season hasn’t given Hilario as much as he would have liked in order to train. It’s tough too not having other pros around like team mate Alex Soto to inspire and motivate him. So let’s hope the wind gods give Hilario that all important training time in Morocco and we wish him all the best for 2015.

Tune in to the PKRA for regular tour updates commencing 18th March 2015….and  meanwhile, watch Hilario in action in the epic F-one – Te Tainui movie:

 Hilario will be using:

  • 2015 F-one Bandit 8
  • 20m lines – 40cm bar
  • Spicy board with boots
  • Manera harness
  • [Hilario signature colours: black and green for Morocco…. moving to orange and blue]