Its been a while since we posted our last trick terminology video but we now have a dozen lined up and ready to roll out over the coming weeks.

Today we start off with a couple of stylish twists on some of the standard tricks that any intermediate should be aiming for, all courtesy of one of the most stylish riders we’ve had the pleasure to work with – Dutch Kiteboarding Champion and Airush Rider Bas Koole.

Spice up that front roll!
Take your standard hooked in boosted front roll, add a grab and kick back your head and shoulders to get inverted:

[youtube: 670 411]


A transition with flair!
Ariel transitions can be pretty plain but not when you double up the back roll rotation and once again add in that grab and invert – smooth and stylish, we love this move!

[youtube: 670 411]


Next week we’ll have two more tricks for all the advanced riders – and they might just give you a better idea of what Tom Hebert was doing here!

These videos do not have any in depth instruction but instead can help you quickly and visually define a particular kitesurfing trick. Whether you want to line up your next kiting progression, find inspiration or just appear more knowledgable down the beach these videos are an easy way to get clued up fast!

If there are any tricks you would like us to cover in our ‘Trick Terminology’ videos then just add them into the comments below and we’ll get it done!