November Special Offer - 50% off selected videosThe new Progression Player, launched in September, has been hugely popular with over 5000 video downloads and great feedback like this from Simon:

“Totally got me off my intermediate plateau. Great job. Expensive but a lot cheaper than buying new gear in the hope that it will make me improve! Just choosing my next one now.”

So don’t hesitate to try a new trick this month by taking advantage of our 50% discount on selected tricks in the Progression Player. We’ve taken one trick or technique for each skill level, dropped the price to £1.49 / €1.59 /$1.99 – so there is no excuse to not tryout a Progression video and see why kiters are using Progression’s help to get more from their kiting!

Tricks & Techniques on Offer until November 14th 2011 for £1.49 / €1.59 /$1.99

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Trick Wheel - TransitionsAlso for all you intermediate riders – get some inspiration for your next session and add a little extra to your transitions with the Progression Trick Wheel.

The best kitesurfing progression comes for continually adding something new to a trick you’ve already got to grips with, whether that’s throwing in a grab, downloop or a rotation. The Progression Trick Wheel offers an easy way to get inspiration for that next trick, keep your sessions interesting!

For transitions we have the following:

  • Surface
    • Heel Carve
    • Carving turn with a downloop
    • Darkslides
  • Jumps
    • Aerial Transitions
    • Aerial transitions with a kiteloop
    • Aerial Transitions to toeside
  • Rotations
    • Back roll transition
    • Front roll one footer transition
    • Back roll transition with a hand plant

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