Cover-Box-Shadow-PKBIV1-MedIts been alot of hard work, ALOT of late nights but we’re excited to say that the Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 DVD is done, off to replicators and will be back ready to ship out on Friday 3rd September 2010! Get your pre-order in today at our online store or go see your favorite kiting store on Friday.

There’s lots to talk about but in a nut shell, you’ve 2 1/4 hours of the usual Progression in depth instruction covering Jumping (including popping), carving turns, toeside riding, lightwind riding, strong winds, coping with waves and Tuning your kit. Hopefully there is something there for all you super keen kitesurfers looking to progression that little bit quicker but also for those stuck on a bit of plateau and this DVD will hopefully will be the kick in the arse that will get you doing a little more than just cruising back and forth.

Best way to understand what its all about – check out the trailer:

[youtube: 640 380]

Order your copy today…