Frequency Asked Questions

Live Camps - FAQ

Here are some comment questions that you might find helpful when deciding if a Progression Live Camp is right for you. If you still have a question then feel free to contact us.

Travel and Accommodation

Can I book my own accommodation and flights and just pay you for the coaching?

Accommodation is part of the camp package and must be booked through us or Planet Travel – our prices are based around the group bookings we make at the hotels/apartments and so its important that we facilitate all those bookings with the accommodation providers.

For camps that are being arranged by Planet Travel, they can handle all your travel arrangements and their experience in each of these locations means they can ensure everything is set up correctly so your trip runs as smoothly as possible. But if you decide that you want to make your own travel arrangement this is possible but please discuss this with Planet or ourselves beforehand to ensure everything fits in the camp’s schedule.

For camps that are being arranged fully by Progression Live you will be required to book your own flights, though we’ll work with you to ensure everything ties incorrectly with the camp schedule and any transfers at the destination that are part of the camp.

Can I bring my partner?

That really depends on the location and your partner! Some places are better suited to non-kiting partners, with more on offer to keep them entertained whilst you’re kiting or taking part in the off the water coaching. You can take part in as little or as much of the coaching activities as you like, it is your holiday, and we’ll do our best cater for the times when you are able to join the group. Obviously, partners are always welcome to join us for meals and any non-wind activities, no-doubt they are used to hearing endless conversations about wind, kites and now foil designs and techniques! On camps there may be a small fee for partners to cover any meals or activities that are built into the camp pricing. This will be listed on each camp web page.

Do I have to share a room?

No. Our base price for a camp is usually set around a shared room for 2 people but most hotels offer us single occupancy rates which, will increase the over cost but allow you to have your own room. If you are travelling with a friend or partner then obviously we can have a shared room, otherwise, we can try and pair you up with another foiler on the camp so you can share a room.

Most hotels also have room upgrades which can all be arranged through our travel partner Planet Travel.

Are transfers from the airport to the hotel included in the price?

Where possible we include the transfer in the base camp price, most often at locations where the airports are reasonably close to the hotel and there are limited options for transfers, so it’s easy for us to organise this for everyone. Any camps that don’t include transfers will have it listed in the “What’s not include in the price” section on the specific camp web page. We try to include the different options and estimated prices and once we know more about your travel plans we’ll be able to give you a price for your transfer.

Foil Coaching

How good a foiler do I need to be?

The majority of our camps are for people who own their own foil and can already foil to some degree.

At a minimum this means you can waterstart on a foil/board, ride comfortably back and forth off the foil, holding your ground upwind.

We require this minimum level because persons who are still trying to master the very basics can require far more attention from the coaches and it can be unfair on the rest of the group. If you are unsure if you at this minimum level please get in touch and we can discuss your progression. We can also look at some 1-on-1 sessions or small group beginner clinics before a camp to get you up to the required level.

Do I need 3rd Party Liability Insurance?

Definitely. Everyone coming on any Progression Live Camp, Clinic or Session must have 3rd Party Liability insurance covering them for kiteboarding. You will be required to sign a waiver before the course starts where you’ll confirm you have this type of insurance.

In the UK you can get this insurance with BKSA membership. Many other national kiteboarding organisations will offer the same type of insurance as part of your membership.

What qualifications do you two have for coaching foiling?

Both Danny and Rob are British Kitesports Association (BKSA) Kite Foiling Coaches. We have our Level 1 iTC, RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2 and RYA First Aid training. But those official qualifications aside, combined we have over 30 years of kiteboarding experience, 5 years of kite foiling experience, ridden over 30 different foils, kite foiled in over 20 beaches and now taught over 50 people to kitefoil or improve your foiling skills. Danny is a UK National Kiteboarding champion and Airush International Team rider, now focused on kite foil racing with an aim to compete internationally and try out of the 2024 Olympics. Rob co-founded Progression 16 years ago and has been focused on providing the best instructional kiteboarding, kitesurfing and now kitefoiling videos to over 200,000 individuals. We love kite foiling and are excited about sharing that passion and experience with other kitefoilers who want help and insight into the best way to improve their skills. We are always trying to learn more ourselves, whether its new tricks or understanding how foil designs are evolving and can best help our clients – this sport is changing daily so an open mind is the most important aspect of everything we do.

Equipment for Foiling Camps

What size kites will I need to bring?

Most of our camps are at locations which can offer a wide range of wind strengths so where possible we recommend you bring your full quiver of kites – this could be as big as a 15m and right down to 5 or 6m kites. Most of the time we’ll be riding 12m down to 8m kites, so that is the most vital range but wind is unpredictable and the more options you have, the less likely you’ll get caught out if we have unusual weather patterns.

Whether you’re riding LEI kites or foil kites that’s completely up to you, we ride both and will be able to advise you on the best set up for each session.

Do I need to wear a helmet and impact vest?

We recommend that everyone wears a helmet, for obvious reasons, the end decision is up to you and the waiver you sign before the camp will re-enforce our recommendation.

An impact vest is optional, it can help with some buoyancy in lighter winds if you are having to water relaunch or self-rescue a lot and obviously take some impact in crashes. In our opinion it is a personal choice, some people need them, for others, they get in the way. If you are the type of person who breaks easily(!) then it’s a wise choice. If you are newer to kiteboarding or find you crash hard frequently then again it could be a good idea to bring one with you and wear it until you start to feel more confident on the foil.

Can you provide foils and kites?

Ideally, we want you to be practising on the foil that you normally ride, as jumping between foils can slow down your overall progression but we may be able to rent you a foil for the week if you give us enough notice before camp. Alternatively, we can look at rental options at the local watersports centres.

The same goes for kites – we do have some rental options for F-one and Airush kites just ask us before the trip and we can discuss the best option for you.

We will have some demo kites and foils available for you to try, over the course of the week, so you can experiment and start to understand the different style of foils. Not all 12m LEI kites perform the same in 10 knots of wind on a foil, so getting to experience some different kite options can open your ideas to the possibilities of lightwind foiling.

Should I bring a twintip or surfboard

Though it’s not vital, if we get a very windy week it may give you more time on the water and there are crossover techniques we can work on that will help you when you get back on your foil. Most spots have sports centers that rent boards so this is another option if you don’t have room in your baggage.

Anything else I need to bring?

A second set of lines, or a spare bar. Although most beaches have a kite shop or watersports centre, they may not have exactly the parts or setup you need. A spare bar will maximise your time on the water if anything does need changing. It’s also worth carrying some spare screws for your foil, as they can be easy to lose and it’s frustrating to lose time on the water for something so small.