Learn to progress your kitesurfing from your sofa!

Just because you can’t get out on the water doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning and working towards becoming a better kiteboarder / kitesurfer / kitefoiler. KiteSOFAing is Progression’s free weekly video series, where we teach you techniques you can practice at home along with the insight and understand that you have come to expect from Progression.

To tie in with the release of our new Foiling Foot Changes coaching video, today Rob is going to run you all through the body movements for the foot switch - whether you are riding a foil or surfboard. These are the drills we use with our coaching clients down the beach, so its perfect for you in your living room! Build up muscle memory ready for when you get back on the water. The body movement is just one part, the kite and board/foil is equally as important and you can see how they all fit together in Progression's full Foiling Gybes: The Foot Changes video.

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Struggling with your foot changes? Then this is the video for you. With detailed tips that are easy to follow and new practice drills to work with, both on and off the water, this video will guarantee you dancing on your board in no time.

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Many kiteboarders will look scared when you tell them to try looping the kite but not all kite loops have to look the way the Pro's do them at the King of the Air! In this episode, Rob will introduce you to the key steps so you can practice your first loops of the kite safely in shallow water. Understand why you can loop the kite without getting pulled off your feet and how your kite and bar movements make this possible.

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It's time to get some exercise with a few grab routines and build up that muscle memory ready for when you are back on the water! All from the safety of your sofa, Progression's Rob Claisse will introduce you to the basics of the tail grab, giving you the in-depth understanding of what, why and how to make that first grab. Then we'll look at how to improve our technique by hanging under the kite before we run through all 9 backhand grabs.

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Jumping Video

If you want to start adding board grabs to your jumps then you need a good solid boost, where you can sit back against the kite, giving you time to reach down and grab. Improve your jumping technique with our in-depth coaching video for small and bigger jumps.

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