Kristin Boese tweeted out about rescuing some kiters and this photo showed the evidence of the tangle! And it made me think of something we never mentioned in the new kitesurfing beginner dvd, we just released.

During the kite setup chapter we do talk briefly about untangling your lines but I think its worth making a point which may seem obvious to some but will save you some frustration in the future.

So you’ve been out kitesurfing for a couple of hours and for some reason you have arrived back on the beach and your lines are a mess – you may have had to self-rescue, self-land your kite or simple got your lines tangled whilst your kite was sitting on the beach. Anyway, you’re knackered and you probably just think its easier to worry about untangling your lines next time your out… DON”T!!!

Next time you’re down the beach it will be 20 knots, there will be a prefect blue sky and you will want to get on the water as quickly as you can – then you’ll look at your tangled mess of kite lines and your session will be ruined from the start. And you can think again about getting a friend to help you (essential when untangling a birds nest of lines), they’ll all be on the water!

So take 20 minutes at the end of your session to sort your lines out, so next time you can get out as quick as you can :-) Simple point but well worth considering…