The Prog TeamWell I’m pleased to announce a new formal addition to the Progression Team – Fiona Grantham. Yes, thats right we have our first female member of staff! Now I said formal above because Fi has been involved with Progression & Fat Sand for the past 2 years because she is sleeping with the boss (me!), and as a marketer by trade her strategic insight has been invaluable as the company continues to grow and evolve.  Fiona has of course got a personal interest in the sport too, after a few years under my – and progressions – superb guidance she is now half way through the intermediate DVD.  She loves kite surfing almost as much as me and i think her experience, knowledge and unique perspective will help us make Progression even better for even more people trying to get the most out of this sport.

She will join Matt Coyne who is both an old and new member of the team too – new as he joined us again in Jan this year and old as he was part of the team who help us set up shop back in 2006!  Back then Matt helped us set up the sales network and build valuable partnership and sponsorship deals.  He continues in that vein as well as working with Fi on the strategic marketing and development of the Progression product & brand – i fear they will make a great team and make a lot of work for the poor old boss :-(

With more of us on board I’m really excited about developing some new products, events and initiatives that I hope will make Progression an even more useful part of your own kiting development.  So a big welcome to them both and here’s to a productive 2009 for us all!