Twelve months ago we wrapped on our kitefoiling video shot in Greece and I had hoped to have the first of the kitefoiling instructional videos released only a few months later. Instead, I’ve rewritten many of these videos multiple times as I myself have tried to ride as many foils as possible, talked endlessly about foil designs and the best techniques for learning this amazing form of kiting. Kitefoiling is evolving at a stunning pace and as my knowledge of this side of kiting has grown, I’m finally happy, and proud, to release these first videos and open kitefoiling up to a wider audience.

The Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection will be the ultimate resource for anyone looking to learn to kitefoil. No longer do you need to fumble around trying to piece together knowledge on equipment and techniques, and I’m happy to say that the days of kitefoiling being a dangerous sport to learn or only for the more experienced kiteboarders, are in the past. That’s not to say learning to kitefoil isn’t a challenge, but it is achievable. You just need the right equipment, the right instruction, some patience, and you will be well on your way to a whole heap of fun!

Learn to Kitefoil Today

Not every video is available today, this is just the start of the release plan, with further videos being released every 10-14 days. For that reason, I’m offering a 20% discount for anyone who purchases the Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection, here on the Progression website, before the last of this collections videos are released. See the release schedule below to see what you’ll get today and in the future.

Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection videos:

This collection is made up of 8 videos:

The easiest way to get an overview of what is included in each video is to watch the free Introduction video.

Introduction, Key Concepts, Getting on the Water and Waterstarts

Today we are releasing these four videos – Introduction, Key Concepts, Getting on the Water and Waterstarts. I have decided to release the videos now, rather than waiting for the full collection to be finished, as I know there are many people waiting to learn to kitefoil and these first videos will get you started.

The Stages of Learning to Hydrofoil and Equipment & Terminology

Both these videos will be free to view and are very close to being finished, just needing a few shots which I’m filming today! They will be released next Friday, 8th June. So not long to wait on those!

Riding & Control

This probably the most important section as it will go through the various progressions which allow you to actually learn to ride along on the foil as quickly and safely as possible. This video will be broken up into four progressions:

  • Off the foil
  • Rise and Glide
  • Upwind Foiling
  • Downwinding Foiling

My plan is to release this as a subcollection of shorter videos. That way I can release each of these progressions separately as soon as they are ready, getting them out to you quicker. Expect the first by mid-June, with the others following out by the end of July.

First Gybes

When you’re first learning to foil, just riding back and forth on the foil can be hard enough, so trying to go around the corners is a real challenge. There is a lot to master for the foiling gybe so this video takes a step back and teaches you the steps required off the foil, which is more difficult than you might imagine. This video will be the final piece of the Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection released in August.

What about Foiling Gybes and Tacks?

I know a lot of existing kitefoilers struggle to get smooth foiling gybes and tacks, and it is these videos that they are waiting for. The gybing videos are all planned out and filmed so I’ll be editing these as soon as the Volume 1 Collection is completed. I’ll have more to share with you on foiling gybes, carves, toeside riding and the foot change, in the coming weeks. For anyone desperate to get these mastered now, check out Progression Live Coaching clinics.

Tacking is a little further off, definitely on the cards but we need some further footage to get this completed. Look for this later in 2018.

Start Learning to Kitefoil Today

Truly, any kiteboarder can get started learning to foil today with the discounted Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection. If you have any question about any aspect of learning to kite foil, post in the comments below or feel free to drop me an email:

Learn to Kitefoil Today