Have you checked out The Kite Show, everyone’s favourite round up of kiting news? They have an exclusive excerpt from our newly released Riding & Control collection. It focuses on getting over whitewater on a strapless surfboard, a concern for many kiters new to riding strapless…

This excerpt is just focused on your kite movement getting over broken waves, but getting that correct is the first step towards making it effortless to roll over waves. Here’s a summary from the video:

Approaching the wave

  • Bring the kite up slowly
  • Sheet the bar in just as you reach of the foot of the whitewater
  • Both these actions take weight off the board so it can easily float over the whitewater

Once over the wave

  • Sheet out
  • Direct the kite back down
  • Both these actions get weight back on the board and drive you forwards away from the distributed water surrounding the broken wave.

What about the board?

Board control on unstable whitewater is tricky and these kite and bar movements will make this easier but staying balanced on the board is not without its own difficulties. Your board’s direction & speed, your weight distribution at different points and when best to bend your legs will all play a big part in getting you over large walls of whitewater with confidence and grace!

blog-goow-tks-blog-device-topThe full Getting out over waves video covers all of this along with different techniques for keeping your speed over unbroken waves and of course our usual Common Mistakes section so you can diagnose why you keep flying off into the air with the board some way behind you!

The Getting out over waves video is available now in the Progression Player App for £/€/$2.99

It’s part of the Riding and Control Collection which covers waterstarts, step on beach starts, stance, control and speed along with getting over waves.

Watch the free Riding and Control Introduction video

Get the Riding & Control Collection on the Progression Player App:

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All of these videos form part of our full Kitesurfing Volume 1 Collection, the best way to learn to ride wave properly, from your first runs on a surfboard, right through to multiple turns across a wave face:

If you have any questions on getting started riding a surfboard let us know in the comments below or contact us directly and we’ll do what we can to help.

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