raley-150x150We are really excited to have James Boulding working as a freelance cameraman and editor for Progression Sports Ltd. He is sat behind me right now transfixed to final cut where he is editing the video he shot last week in Turkey with a whole load of awesome riders* on behalf of Adrenaline Sports.

Jo Wilson was maestro behind this shoot and does a better job of explaining what it was all about in her blog so check it out here

We’ve seen some of the footage and it looks awesome; the colours are stunning, the backdrops amazing and the riding is sweeeeet. Its not often the wind, sun and riding all align perfectly but they seem to have achieved it with this one. I’m thinking Turkey may go on to the ever increasing ‘list’ of kiting destinations i need to visit. (Please Mr Boss man I need more holiday!)

We’ll let you know when the video is live.

*Riders – Johara Sykes Davies, Ania Grzelisnka, Ali Barratt and Robin Snuggs