What's Next

We have a lot planned for the next couple of months – most is foiling related as we fully swept up in the foiling revolution! Rob returned to the UK from 6 months in Cape Town at the start of May and Danny will be back from Australia and Bali at the end of May ready for us first Foiling Camp. So read on to find out more about UK clinics, F-One test days, Egypt Foiling and Upcoming Video releases

Sussex Foiling Clinics

In May we’ll be starting back up our local foil clinics run primarily in Shoreham and Lancing, UK. These worked great last year with the opportunity to run coaching any day of the week (and weekends) if the wind is right and people are keen. Simply join the Sussex Foiling mailing list and you’ll get an email from us every weekend with possible dates for the following week that you can vote on. For beginners, it’s a great way to get the basics sorted quickly and safely, setting you up to maximise the summer winds, For intermediate foilers, finally crack those gybes, foot changes or one of the many tacks that you’ve struggled with the last year. This year we’ll be running a mixture of 1 and 2-day clinics and we are always available for private 1-2-1 sessions, just get in touch.

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Once we get into July and August we’ll be heading out around the country to run more clinics – so get in touch if you’d like us to come to your local beach and fast track your foiling!

F-one Foil Test Days

Rob teamed up with F-One at the end of last year and has been riding their kit for the last 6 months and loving the foils and bandit kites. He’s excited to get out around the UK for the F-one Foil Test Days, giving all you foilers the opportunity to try the wide range of F-one foils and foil boards along with the Bandit, Breeze and Halo kites. He’s ridden the whole range and will be on hand to offer advice and some coaching tips for anyone willing to listen ;-) They’re starting with south coast demos initially but will be going further field over the summer so look out for further dates soon. Test days aside, Rob has much of the foil kit available for demos during our UK and overseas clinics too. If you have only ever ridden one or two foils then we strongly suggest you broaden your horizons and take this opportunity to try a wider range of foils so you can experience first hand the many different styles of foiling now available to us!
There is a list of the current demo days on our blog and show your interest on the facebook events pages so we can keep you up to date on plans for each event.

Foiling Camp: Egypt 1st – 8th June

If you really want to get make the most of this summer then come join Rob and Danny for our first week-long camp in Soma Bay Egypt from the 1st – 8th June. We are so excited to take advantage of the flat water and all day wind that us foilers are almost guaranteed, which is going to give you the opportunity to learn the tricks and techniques that have been frustrating you over the last year. We can get you carving, riding toeside and start your foot change progression over that week. Or maybe you are looking to start tacking or get more consistency? Whether it’s a roll, push, toeside or heelside tack we’ve got the insight to make it happen for you, with the help of video analysis and our daily beach briefings. So come immerse yourself in foiling for a week and have a great time in the process. You can find out more information on our website and book your place with Planet Travel.

Egypt Foiling Camp

Foiling Videos – Now and Next

Rob is still working on the Foiling Gybes Collection of how-to videos, which needed an extra couple of days of shooting to ensure we had every possible mistake for riding toeside, carves and foot changes – it was a heavy day of slams! You can check out the preview of the new videos and if you are looking to learn to foil then remember we have the definitive guide – the Kitefoiling Volume 1 Collection.

We also know that many people are clamouring for tacking videos. They are on the roadmap and will cover all 4 core varieties but first, we need to get them filmed so it will be later in the summer at the earliest.

And if you just want to stay up to date with everything foiling related that we are up to, sign up for our monthly Foiling Bulletin.

As always, any questions about our videos, camps, clinics or problems you’re having with your kiting, get in touch.